The International GLAM Labs Community was born in 2018 at an event on global 'Library Labs' held by the British Library. The event was attended by over 70 people from 43 institutions and 20 countries and followed up by a second global Labs meeting at the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen in March 2019. The community has now grown to 250 people, from more than 60 institutions, in over 30 countries.

Innovation Labs happen and succeed because of people rather than spaces. Success relates to skills and competences as well as to decision-making, empowerment, trust, tolerance, and investment by thinking outside the box.

Dr Georgios Papaioannou

University College London in Qatar & Ionian University, Corfu, Greece

A Checklist to Publish Collections as Data in GLAM Institutions

A new article by the GLAM Labs community offers a checklist that can be used for both creating and evaluating digital collections suitable for computational use.

Webinar: Towards implementing Collections as Data in GLAM institutions: Tuesday, October 25th, 15:30

The webinar will bring together theory and practice on how to make available GLAM digital collections as datasets for publication and re-use by researchers, GLAM professionals, creative workers and other users.

Front cover of the Open a GLAM Lab publication

Open a GLAM Lab

Inspired by the International GLAM Labs community, written collaboratively over 5 days in September 2019.

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