The webinar will bring together theory and practice on how to make available GLAM digital collections as datasets for publication and re-use by researchers, GLAM professionals, creative workers and other users. As the options for preparing collections as data are nearly endless, starting the implementation of the Collections as Data principle may be daunting. To support GLAM institutions to start on this journey, the webinar gives a practical overview of the steps that can be taken and presents some of the choices to be made. You will also learn about real-life examples from the National Library of Scotland, the German National Library, the Library of Congress, Europeana, KBR - Royal Library of Belgium, the Royal Danish Library and Meemoo.

To be able to cater the webinar to the community's needs and in order to understand the current knowledge and uptake of the Collections as Data principle in GLAM institutions, we invite you to complete a brief survey (up to 10 minutes) by October 20th, 2022. The survey results will also be integrated in research related to enhancing the application of the Collections as Data principle in GLAM institutions.

This webinar is open to all and free to attend. Registration is necessary and possible via this link: